Creedal Statements



1. In the verbal inspiration of the original Scriptures.

2. In the absolute trinity of the eternal God-head.

3. In the deity of our Lord Jesus Christ.

4. In the personality and deity of the Holy Spirit.

5. In the reality and personality of the devil.

6. In the natural depravity of the human race.

7. In the substitutionary atonement.

8. In the propitiation for sin only by the blood of Christ.

9. In the full salvation by grace through faith and not of works.

10. In Divine Healing through the atonement.

11. In the anointing of oil and prayer for the sick.

12. In the personal Baptism of the Holy Spirit as received by the apostles.

13. In the necessity of the new birth.

14. In water baptism by immersion at an age of accountability.

15. In the one and only true church composed of all blood-washed believers.

16. In the evangelization of the heathen and the nations of the world.

17. In a middle-of-the-road policy in public worship, between extreme fanaticism and ultra-ritualism.

18. In obedience to civil government.

19. In divorce only on New Testament scriptural grounds.

20. In church government, loyalty and obedience to those in authority over us in the Lord.

21. In tithing as God’s financial plan.

22. In restitution for past wrongs whenever possible.

23. In the open table at the Lord’s supper (Communion).

24. In the free moral will power of man, who can backslide, apostatize, and be lost.

25. In the maintenance of good works and holy living.

26. In the victorious life over sin, self, and bad habits by Bible study and an incessant prayer life.

27. In Christian perfection and holiness, through absolute surrender and consecration.

28. In Christian modesty in the matter of dress.

29. In the keeping of the Lord’s day as a matter of privilege rather than law.

30. As regards recreation — liberty of conscience and a Godly example to the world.

31. In the immortality and conscious existence of the soul.

32. In the resurrection of our literal bodies, the just and the unjust.

33. In a literal heaven and life everlasting for all true believers.

34. In a final day of judgment for the incorrigible wicked.

35. In the everlasting punishment of the impenitent.

36. In the personal, literal, bodily pre-millennial coming of Jesus Christ.

37. In a future, literal, one thousand years reign of Christ on earth with all His saints.

38. In the judgment seat of Christ where the saints will be finally.

39. In Christian tolerance to all denominations of the Christian faith.

40. “In essentials — unity; in non-essentials — liberty; in all things — charity.”